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Unstoppable Warrior
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Treasure Hunting: Finding Your Life's Purpose 

This inspirational message combining music and step-by-step tools will help you to know how to align with God's purpose for you and reach the heights that he has always wanted for you. Be ready to feel every part of your soul and your body come alive as you discover how his hand is always on your life. Learn how to tap into his strength and his message he is wanting to get across to you.

  • Feel and connect with your inner voice
  • Lean in to intuition and the word that is setting you up for success
  • Understand the gray zone and how it can serve you to build your faith and your resilience
  • Tools that will help you stay focused on your vision even in the midst of struggle or obstacles that may come upon you
  • How to get yourself "unstuck" when you feel like you can't move forward
5 Ways To Gain Power, Resilience and Momentum In Your Life 

Sometimes it can feel like you are not moving forward. You become trapped in your fear and can't seem to get started or to pick back up and start the steps to get you to the next point. As we all face these moments, we know that we have to reach into ourselves and close our eyes. Pray, seek, and find strength within ourselves to walk in faith.

This inspirational message will help you know how even in the darkest hours how to walk in faith. Even when you may feel like there is no way, know that there is a way! Learn the most important first step in finding your way to walk in faith.

  • Know how to recognize fear and what to do to rise up to it
  • How to Lean In to faith and allow it to serve you
  • 3 Things you can do today to create momentum
  • Surround yourself with tools and messages that help you
  • How to manage the negativity, the voice in your head and the voices of others
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Tricia Andreassen Unstoppable Warrior

DISC behavioral and personality assessment strategist, Christian Business and Leadership Coach, John Maxwell Team, John Maxwell Speaker, John Maxwell Trainer, John Maxwell Leadership Coach, #1 Best Selling Author, Inspirational, Faith Speaker and John Maxwell Speaker and Trainer. Tricia is a  Certified Executive, Leadership, Spiritual and Life Coach. She is also a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer to work with organizations, schools, ministry groups and leaders of all faiths. Her life dedication is to give you resources that you can put into practice immediately in your personal life, your business and in your walk with God. All of these integrate together as they create a synergy for you to live the life you are meant for. Her extensive background in working with sales organizations and C-level executives enables her to bring practices to your organization. Inquire today for a private conversation with Tricia to collaborate on what you are looking to achieve.

Book Tricia Andreassen today for your next event and see why so many are raving about how they are "On Fire" in their lives and how it is reaching to all parts of their business, their relationships and more! Events do book up so if this is something you are considering or would like to have a personal conversation with Tricia, please call immediately. Throughout the year private retreats for youths, leaders and women are conducted as well. We would love to have you a part of the momentum and the revival of the spirit of his calling on our lives!

Tricia Fink Andreassen



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