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Gary King Interview

Are you happy?
Do you know the definition of true happiness?

Gary King has lived a life of incredible wins and devastating losses. Gary has read more than 2200 non fiction books and interviewed thousands of people. Gary used his life experiences, earned wisdom, and 25 years of work within the personal development industry to create The Happiness Formula. His first of many books, The Happiness Formula: The Ultimate Life Makeover is available on Amazon.

Gary will share the elements of the formula and how you can achieve true happiness.

The elements include forgiveness, truth honesty, and self worth.

Gary's Bio

Until 1986, Gary King lived a “basically honest” life. He had a series of intriguing careers - service in the Navy, marine engineer, noted international artist and sculptor, VP of Sales and Marketing in the television industry, major Event Producer of festivals, motor sports and charity events, and 25 years with the Anthony Robbins Companies, where he served in roles ranging from Director of Security to Road Manager. His lifestyle afforded him the opportunity to travel the world.

However, his basically honest life was also filled with much pain. With every success came tragedy in its wake: Guilt over the estrangement from his father, failed marital and personal relationships, battling cancer, being manipulated by a woman and her daughter for many years, the death of a five year old little boy whom he hit with his vehicle after the boy had run from his mother crossing a busy street, numerous days filled with PTSD, and the tragic loss of losing his son to suicide.

Gary himself considered suicide. Weak, broken, and lost, he had a near-death experience that created a major shift in consciousness that resulted in Gary reading over 2200 books on spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics, and personal growth. He realized his near-death experience left him with the inability to lie. Truth and integrity has become a vital source of his existence.

Gary knows his past experiences are true blessings that have led him where he is today. Gary’s message has been branded and trademarked as “The Power of Truth” and “The Happiness Formula”, both of which have dramatically enhanced the lives of thousands of people in many cultures.

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