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Life, Faith and Business Blends Together

As a Christian business leader you want to grow. You want to see your business prosper; and since the beginning of this dream you have poured all of yourself into taking every action to ensure that it succeeds.

But somewhere along with way, the extreme focus on your business as taken a toll on the other areas of your life. You feel burnout. You begin to wonder what is the purpose of chasing all of this. What am I sacrificing along the way to make my business successful?

And, most importantly you may ask yourself, “Is this all there is?”

Thousands of business owners have shared with me how they want to have a successful business while at the same time they struggle having a personal life and spiritual life that operates fully with their business responsibilities.

What I find is that fear is an enemy that must be handled when wanting to grow your business, expand in your spiritual growth and step into your calling. All of these goals we want to reach require us to tackle the feelings of fear and learn how to use it to propel you to your destiny.

The bottom line is, you probably don’t want to feel like you are a slave to your business, a relationship or a perception of whom others believe you to be. That is why I believe in coaching business owners on the multiple layers within themselves so there is a bridge between the gaps that are needed to be filled.

Whether you want to scale your business and build it to run on its own without your day to day involvement, write a book and leverage your wisdom and insight our coaching programs are designed to help you unlock your life purpose and have dreams emerge so they become a reality.

You can have a business that can be scaled, sold or even own passively. You can turn your years of experience into a book, a course or a variety of speaking topics. These strategies will help you do less while getting your business initiatives to produce more; on a bigger scale and even while you sleep.

Me and my team have a proprietary formula that pulls everything together and helps build the personal side of you and at the same time build your business and grow your income.

If you want to accelerate the process of building a business that aligns to your purpose, your calling and allows you the FREEDOM to be all that you are meant to be, reach out to us today. My clients have tracked growth rates in upwards of 41.7% while at the same time radically reducing their companies’ reliance on them.

A brand is more than a logo. It is a combination of vision, message, visuals, culture and connection! How do you create a brand that shows your unique positioning and at the same time attracts the clients you want to work with every day? In this session, Tricia will help you uncover the passion behind your business and what you want your business to stand for. She will unlock the creative juices (yes! they are there!) inside you to tap into what drives you and what problem do you solve for your clients.

From the psychology of the use of colors used in your marketing to understanding today's consumer in a mobile world this session will give you a solid vision and foundation to establish a brand or maximize your existing brand so that it stands out above the rest.

The 12 Point Checklist For Developing Leaders In Your Organization

Have you ever wondered if you were really a leader? Perhaps your job position doesn't indicate you are yet guess what? No matter what your life looks like you are doing leadership. As John Maxwell says, "Leadership is influence. Nothing more;nothing less."

Every day we are leading in some way. Leading ourselves on an initiative to get accomplished. Leading our family so things run smoothly. We may be leading a project with a deadline at work or we may be leading a group of people to accomplish a goal.

Do you have a vision to develop or grow a team?

Perhaps you've have a team in place and you realize that if you could equip them with the right strategies your organization would grow exponentially . It would allow you to do more of the activities you love to do and focus more effectively on your strengths; on the things that only YOU can do.

It's not enough to be strong as a leader yourself.

To create REAL IMPACT and CHANGE you must have others who can forge the path WITH YOU.

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