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Raving Fans Share Their Results From Working With Tricia Andreassen
One of the best speakers and coaches I know....

"I have been following Tricia for several years. The first time I saw her present I knew I was watching a pro at work. Her knowledge, ability to communicate, and commitment to providing quality information make her one of the best speakers and coaches I know." 

Life Mastery Coach
Best Selling Author of Crystalline Moments
Coni Meyers

She is rare to the world.....

"Tricia is just the best. I love how she share's ideas so freely without worrying about what's in it for her. I'm of the mind set that what you put out into the universe is what comes back around to you. You will love her generosity of spirit - it's rare in the world!"
Gayle B.

Tricia Andreassen is one Amazing Speaker and a Top Premier Leadership and Business Coaches I know.... 

"Tricia Andreassen is one of the premier leadership and business coaches out there . Her track record in helping already successful business leaders build market dominating companies and teams is without peer. She has given us a gift in her new book Interfusion Marketing by taking her no fail approach and making it accessible to anyone who wishes to build an unstoppable business!! I am proof that anyone with a desire to learn and grow their business can do so if they follow Tricia’s lead." 

John M. Moore, CEO

Tricia Andreassen is my beloved coach, mentor and most of all friend....

"I have known her for many years and knew what a special person she is but until she became my coach this year I did not know the impact she would have on my life. She has given me stability, a fresh outlook on both my personal and business life and a new desire to be a better person. The tools and knowledge she has shared goes beyond my greatest expectations and every time we meet I come away with a sense of empowerment and energy to go out and slay dragons. She is just the best!”

Jeanette H.

Her session will leave you with money making strategies.....

"Tricia's unlimited energy and passion is unmatchable. You can't go wrong having her speak to your organization. Her straight forward tips allow you to write pages of notes and take them back to implement immediately. You'll walk away with knowing you will make money."

Darlene Lyons
President, Broker Agent Speakers Bureau

Tricia's coaching has the “X Factor” experience.

"Her connection to direct market resources, AND top producing winners in her rolodex give you the power to slay any business dragon that has been haunting your business model. She is not reactive simply executing what you think you are supposed to do. She is an experienced Coach that can diagnose what you DON’T know in your plan, and help direct you down the right path. I can’t wait to continue working with her and her team for years to come! Thank you Tricia for going the extra mile."

Justin C.

She is the reason for my success.....

"Tricia is without a doubt a huge reason that I am successful. She has given me systems and branding direction that I have been able to take to my business and implement immediately. Tricia is one of the most creative people I have ever met. Her visionary style has allowed me to plan where I want my business to grow and how to grow my team with clarity based on their strengths."

Linda H.

The master at getting you where you need to be.....

"She is the master at getting you where you need to be. Tricia fills the room with excitement and knowledge about being the BEST you can be at everything you do. However, the love and zest for real estate and following your passion in life is second to none. Her passion exudes from every inspirational thought and word when she is speaking to a crowd and it would be hard to walk away without learning how to be better at everything you do." 

Denise W.

Inspiring music.....

"Tricia, your CD is fantastic. Thank you for the inspiring message!"

Ethel M.

She has had a significant impact on my business.....

"Tricia's direction and coaching for my brand and web strategy has brought amazing results. I actually just looked today, and I believe we went from about 8% of our buyer side business in 2008 with our old site to over 21% of our buyer side business in 2009 from our website (and 60% of my business comes from repeat and referral business…so this is significant!). She gives me advice on my tools, what to use, how to incorporate them so they work effectively. Her cutting-edge knowledge keeps me cutting-edge in my market."

Shane W.

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