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Resilience In The Storm: Best Selling Author Tricia Andreassen

#1 Best Seller

Resilience in the Storm by Author Tricia Andreassen is a inspirational book, and spiritual growth book that shares true stories of being resilient in the most challenging of storms that come in our life. Brave and courageous, Co-Authors from all walks of life share how they weathered through the most darkest times to find faith and strength to persevere and come back even stronger. Experiences ranging from miscarriage, divorce, financial loss,cancer survival and even the story from one of the youngest teen Authors on his personal story of bullying and facing the desire to live, these messages of how they were able to come through the other side will leaving you knowing that you can to. You can be resilient in the storm and come through the other side. If you are: - Facing a challenging situation... - Wondering "Is God Even Hearing Me?" - Feeling like your faith has gone and you don't know how to get it back. - Wonder if things will get better...hoping life will get better. - Feeling alone and wondering how you are going to take even one step further. - Going through divorce or grief from a passing of a loved one. - Fighting a way back to yourself but not sure how to. If you are holding on for dear life in the midst of struggle or loss, this book will give you hope, specific strategies, quotes, bible scriptures as well as journal prompts to help you uncover how to bring out the warrior that is within you. Resilience in the Storm by Tricia Andreassen is a wonderful book to use for yourself, with a book club or even in a bible study environment. Intentionally written to give you immediate breakthroughs in mindset and transformation with a lasting impact this book will be one you come back to time and time again as a reference.

Book Reviews 

Four Stars.

Very inspiring. Could've also been used as a devotional book as well.

- Rich


We all can feel resilient just let these authors help us find it.

This book is a must read for all of us that have experienced grief, failure, loss, disappointment or illness. It is a book filled with the stories of others and how their resilience got them through and where they found the courage and ability to push through is in each and everyone of us! We just need to believe that we can each be resilient!

- Coni Meyers


Looks like a very good book compiled with authors who have ...

Looks like a very good book compiled with authors who have personal experience that they can share to help others.

- Amazon Customer


A Must Read.

Everyone goes thru trials and tribulations, stress and struggle. This book is an excellent source of examples of Resilience from strong thrivers of multiple ages and multiple challenges. A few stories brought tears and all displayed courage. A must read.

- Vickie H.


... is no surprise to me why this is a best seller.

This a book filled with Golden Nuggets of wisdom to guide so many it is no surprise to me why this is a best seller...
So appreciative and thankful to our fearless leader, Tricia Andreassen.

- teachst


Love the journal sections in workbook format.

The stories are remind us how much we all go through similiar things. What I believe it different about this book is that it isn't just inspiration stories. It has a place to journal like a workbook at the end of each chapter so you can process and take your own notes. This book is perfect for a book club, mastermind learning or a bible study as it allows for discussion to take place on topics that should be addressed more often. The teenager who gave insight on how to talk to your child is powerful. It gives a look into the day of a middle school child and what they may be going through that us as parents have no idea to what extent. The range of topics discussed is so broad that it fits for any age and can be reviewed time and time again.



Faith and great love. These stories will capture your heart as ...

Each and every author in this book share personal stories that required strong resilience, faith and great love. These stories will capture your heart as you walk a mile in the shoes of fellow travelers on the road of life.

- Amazon Customer


Other men like me who understand.

This book is filled with logical practices to put into place and at the same time really connected me to each Author. The men that shared their seasons where being the provider financially and also for their kids and marriage hit home that I am not the only one juggling. Yes, I could relate to all of them. Great book and it is already has got me in a different frame of perspective.

- Duane