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Ignite The Fire

Tricia Andreassen - "Ignite The Fire

Let these songs of faith, determination, and properity speak to you and re-energize your spirit and your mindset. 


Lyrics written and performed by Tricia Andreassen.

The "Ignite The Fire" CD is a series of feel good, motivational songs that will inspire you in life, personal relationships and in your business. Stories of the song include the "DoDoDo Song" sang at Star Power conference and "Rise Up" inspired by the "go-get 'em" drive of women like Sara Palin, to the song "You're Never To Old" that inspires you to "go for it!" no matter what your age. Songs on this CD include:

1 - What Life's For
2 - Walk In Faith
3 - Wind Beneath Ya (The Do Do Do song)
4 - Dreams For Tomorrow
5 - You're Never To Old
6 - Say Your Prayers
7 - I Find You
8 - Rise Up