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Stepping Into Courage: Best Selling Author Tricia Andreassen

#1 Best Seller

Has fear ever grabbed you to a point that can make you run or make you freeze; basically cut you off at the knees from breaking through to something that could be wonderfully life changing? How do we battle fear when it comes over us? What is the one thing that can fight fear? I was asking myself these questions one winter day while processing the process of being challenged with hope and what causes hopelessness. That is when my mind began to meld with my heart and I understood how fear plays into our overall being. Sincerely I knew God was working through me and at that moment the answer that came to me was .... ‘COURAGE’ Driving in that car that day I felt the exhilaration; the rush of adrenaline. Yes! That was it! What was the biggest enemy to fear?

Courage! For when we find courage, even if it is just a little courage but act on it in that moment, the monster of fear begins to shrink and become exposed for what is truly is. That is the purpose of this book as my hope is that all of us who are sharing our stories and teachings with you can help you fight fear and find courage because you see my friend; it is in courage that the beautiful existence…the incredible warrior within you… emerges.

- Tricia Andreassen Life, Business and Mindset Catalyst Coach Ms Unstoppable

Book Reviews 

Leadership Requires Courage!

The book not only talks about courage but stepping out in courage, ie. leadership. Terry Wood's chapter took me through and summarized the courage and commitment required for a long military career and two wars, along with summarizing the doubts that sometimes take possession of your spirit when facing challenges. A great book for those looking to step out, or for the person needing affirmation after stepping out. Success does not occur until you step out of the ranks, and Faith is needed to step out. Inspiring in a true sense, you'll want to go accomplish something great and deliver the credit appropriately to God.

- David Hart

Where do I start with this AMAZING book. I enjoyed hearing how so many others...

Stepping Into Courage moved my soul and eased my worry. It spoke to every part of my life and gave me the courage to face so many things that I have been avoiding. No matter where you in life or what you are doing Stepping into Courage will deliver a substantial blessing and open your heart as well as your mind.

Where do I start with this AMAZING book. I enjoyed hearing how so many others have dealt with fear, some of those fears being the exact same ones I have faced over my life. Reading story after story about fear and triumph really took a huge weight, of feeling as only I had fears, off my shoulders as well as lifted the cloud of feeling like I had to continue living with fear or allowing fear to control my actions.

The continual biblical reference on how God has directed our steps in moments of fear, doubt and shame really surfaced a spiritual feeling that I haven't experienced in some time. I always find myself amazed at how God speaks to people, preparing them for when he needs to speak threw those same people, as he did with one of the encounters in this book . When God has a calling for you and you answer blessings overflow.

I honestly went into reading this book expecting to have a good read but what I got in return was a boost of confidence, motivation to conquer and a spiritual bath.

- Greg Combs

Real people with real stories make a real difference!

So much more can be found in STEPPING INTO COURAGE than the stereotypes of fear, self-limiting beliefs, and courage! I am amazed by the variety in age range, education, experiences, and perspectives brought forward in this book. I would appreciate the opportunity to know and benefit from these co-authors. Tricia Andreassen has once again gathered an amazing cadre of authors whose stories should be heard because of the difference they can make. You will be inspired to rethink your past and realize your future could be better than you've imagined!

- Mark A. Williams

Overcoming fear is not a one time event.

This book is filled with amazing first-hand accounts of FEAR and COURAGE. But it isn't a devotional or a coffee table book, it is an "in the trenches" overcomer book. Summer of 2015 I attended a seminar with TONY ROBBINS and thought I had this FEAR THING mastered, but fear soon reared its ugly head again and I had to find courage yet again to move forward in my life. Each of these stories tell how the author walked through "their fiery coals" and faced FEAR right in the face and overcame the obstacle in the way of their progress. This book will challenge you and help you to realize you are not alone in your struggle.

- Jett Brewer

Conquer the Fears that bind, live the life that was designed for us.

What an amazing book. So many individuals coming together for one cause, to assist others in overcoming fears. One leap of faith, one small voice of encouragement, you name it. Can have a lasting impact on others for generations. I would highly encourage anyone who has a lingering fear, holding them back, then jump right now into this book with a group of great individuals from all walks of life who are ready to fight for you and with you. Through their stories you will be inspired to become an overcomer of what binds you from reaching your potential. Blessings.

- Garrett

Face your fear and step out into courage.

This book is fill with encouraging stories. Succesful Business man and woman and also mom and dads. "We have to step out in courage and face your fears is one of my favorite quotes from this book.

- Carlos V.