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Faith In Real Estate

Best Seller

Unlock Your Inner Warrior

“Guard your heart”--the prime real estate of your life--with F-A-I-T-H!

Ever ask yourself: Can I continue at this pace? How do I keep up with the demands of achievement mode? Do I have a choice? Do you tell yourself: Keep up the ‘good face,’ everything is fine, just be a good person, do what is best for others, just work harder because you’ve got this--as you feel like crumbling inside? You are not alone!

Collectively, allow these testimonials to guide your reflections through intentional journaling as you question your motivations, mark your purpose, and grow your faith, be more God-reliant, and find permission to take care of yourselves in the seasons of life.

Book Reviews 

These stories are truly inspiring

Wow! What an amazing group of authors and stories. Whether you are in Real Estate or not, these stories are truly inspiring. From a company owner having faith to run his business by Christian principles to a family losing everything to a house fire, these stories will tug at your heartstrings and inspire you to have faith no matter what your situation is.

- Dara R.

Authentic and true leading with a servants heart!

A Faith in Real Estate is a book full of courage and journeys. The stories and faith of the writers In this book are motivating and encouraging. Authentic and true to their essence .Leading with a servants heart! A great read!!

- Teri

God in the challenge!

After reading the Chapters from each agent it was clear that even in the challenge God was there refining their character to look more like Christ like. Powerful for anyone not just agents in the real estate industry.

- J Michael Manley

A great Bible Study

It's amazing to read different stories of faith and when God shows up in people's lives. This book is not just for Real Estate professionals and is more of a challenge to readers. I love the questions with each chapter that get you thinking and digging deep. This is a great book for bible study groups.

- Kindle Customer