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Tricia Andreassen, Coaching the Best of the Best.

When your business is growing and you are leading the way for your team, it may be hard to figure out who to hire, where to go and even determine what type of coach will get you the result you want. When it comes right down to it, you will need a coach that understands your mission and what you want as an end result. A great coach can help you reach the best result possible and in the fastest timeline while streamlining the efforts along the way.

Tricia Andreassen's CEO and Executive Coaching programs will entail working through initiatives that support the goal in mind. 

  • ​Review of Organizational Structure - identify the gaps where may need improvement and who may be able to move effectively into roles or positions in the company.
  • High Level view of how the company is positioned for long term growth - to succession planning.
  • Strategic plans for building brand awareness - marketing campaigns and overall performance of the marketing plan.
  • Improving leadership across all levels within the organization starting at the TOP.
  • Working with specific groups within the organization to improve overall performance and moral.
  • Strategies such as Joint Ventures to increase exposure and business growth opportunity.
  • DISC organizational assessments and consulting for building communication, workflow and performance while LOWERING turnover risks.
  • Evaluation of Marketing Practices, Lead Generation initiatives as well as Sales Workflow to create high-performing results.

Why Hire Strategic Business Growth Coach Tricia Andreassen?

1. Tricia is dedicated in helping Entrepreneurs and Business owners all over the globe with their marketing strategies. And the result is many of these leaders are ranked in the Wall Street Journal and many are #1 in their markets for their respective industries.

2. The  insights and strategies that Tricia brought to these top performers to create success will be brought to you so that you have a clear and defined path of success without having to figure things out through trial and error.

3.With over two decades of sales, leadership training, management, team sales training and hands-on marketing roadmapping (pulling the pieces together from start to finish), Tricia brings a PROVEN PROCESS that can help you get the end result you want and will GIVE YOU specific references (names, email addresses and phone numbers) to prove it.

Why wait on getting your business and your systems to a whole new level? Fill out the form to book Tricia for your next corporate event or to inquire about her coaching programs that vary from business to personal achievement.
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