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Do You Have A Book Inside You Waiting To Be Shared?
Special Invitation: Free Call - Interviews Opening For Selecting Authors
Join Tricia Andreassen and those who moved from their dream of being an Author into becoming a Best Selling Author. John Maxwell Leadership Trainer Karen White now Best Selling Author will share her story and the impact being an Author has made.
Coni Meyers 3 time Best Selling Author, Dream Builder Coach and John Maxwell Leadership Speaker will also share the journey of how the written word can make a profound impact on others and on your personal career.
This call will provide insight on the Author selection process, the vision of your personal impact in joining our speaker and teaching team as well as how to turn your dream into a reality.

Do you have a story inside you that needs to be heard? That you know, needs to be shared?


Join Tricia Andreassen as A CoAuthor in an upcoming Book project.

Forge your path to get your voice heard.

Tricia will share insights on:
- How To Discover Your Voice
- The Topics That Are In The Selection Process Currently
- The Author Selection and Interview Process To Be Chosen
- Why A Book Can Open Doors In Building A Business
- When It Is The "Right Time" To Get Started
- How To Become A Best Selling Author
- Who To Collaborate With To Pull It All Together 
- What Needs To Happen To Move From Dream To Reality
- How To Make this YOUR YEAR - You To Become It, Live it, Be It!


"How do you know when you're in the middle of God's will, Grace and mercy? When you sign 100 books and your hand doesn't hurt AT ALL! Blessed today to get a sweet taste of a dream coming true! Thanks MacLean Family!!" - Karen White, Best Selling Author of Resilience In The Storm

Fill out the form below for the opportunity to become considered in an upcoming book project or if you have your own book that you want to take to the world and get global distribution with a solid marketing strategy. Allow Tricia's international recognition, influence and leadership help you grow. 

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