What would you like to achieve...with all your heart?

Your intuition is speaking to you..
You want this next year to be MORE...
You want this next year to MEAN MORE...
You want to make a difference.

When you think about this past year, did you find that there were times that took you off track from the goals that you set for yourself? Are you saying to yourself, “Yes, Tricia but next year will be different." "Tricia, I can figure this out I just have alot going on right now."

How would it be different?
What would make it different?
What changes need to happen for you to get what you really want?

How awesome would it be to have a formula; a recipe; a blueprint that you could have by your side to guide you through?

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NOTE: Read the comments below. Become a part of a feeling that can transform all you are... right now.

When obstacles come in our way we often take detours to get us through that particular situation but it throws us totally off course and on to a different path. We find ourselves slipping back into the old habits that have been ingrained into our mind; into our existence.

To break through these beliefs that limit you or cause an abrupt halt to your momentum it is important to have tools; a formula that allows for you to evaluate where you are and where you want to go. I personally have struggled through this. I have experienced it in waking up to a grumpy teenager that totally deflates my energy that I have powered up with for the day.  I have experienced it in dealing with customers, family, friends and even the battles within my own soul.  As a business owner there are moments of celebration and moments of roadblocks. We ask ourselves, “Is this all there is? Is this what I am supposed to be doing?” It is in both of these moments we have an opportunity to shift and to experience success (success in the form of what it means to YOU). There can be no success without failure! There can be no success without struggle. There can be no miracle without problems.

Imagine….For Just A Moment…

What if you could master a formula, a proven blueprint that would always guide you back to where you need to be? This blueprint would empower you to live in the NOW and at the same time set the stage for what you want 2016 to be for you. It is hard to believe but 2016 is right around the corner.  What you do now effects your outcome in 2016. That is just the reality.

The intention combined with the formula would take you to places that create momentum, happiness and purpose.

The Intentional Action Formula® workshop is a workshop with Tricia Andreassen and your class peers to help you learn the strategies for mastering your business and situations in your personal life. Live calls and training personal for you... dedicated to you.

Business, Vision and Life Strategist, Certified Executive and Certified Leadership Coach Tricia Andreassen will show you a proven blueprint that will allow you to gain insight on 2015 as well as create intentional  improvement for 2016 in your business and your life.

Learn and Master The Following:

  • The 6 Core Essentials to gain personally and professionally
  •  How to Create Momentum and Sustain it regardless of what challenges may come your way.
  • Raise your Influence and Leadership for yourself and for others
  • Create Leaders around you so things get accomplished better than ever
  • Lead Your Team, Your Family or Organization with this formula so all are reaping the benefits
  • What to do and how to Breakthrough Barriers or Set Backs



This is a course that requires your commitment and participation. There will be no selling of any kind by Tricia or with one another.  Come ready to work and focus. Study materials and workbook will be provided prior to each session.  Why wait another day longer to get your dreams into action?

The choice is yours and your choices determine your future.
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Class starts July 22, 2023
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Live Your Life With Intention!

  Register for this class with Tricia - Early bird registration Click Here
                                                              Course: $477.00 ---  Special $197.00 
                                                                         (Savings of over $250.00 - right now)

What people have shared about working with Tricia:


"It's a new day...great meditation from Rebecca Campbell author of Light is the New Black...now for my affirmations and journaling...a new day, a Crystalline Moment and words of encouragement from a great coach, Tricia Andreassen. My Mantra: You are a leader. You are a director. You are a creator. You are brilliant, wise, kind, and beautiful. Keep moving forward."~Virginia D.

"Virginia, Yes, you are! Partner, visonary, creator, innovator,leader, giver of love, friend that is loyal. Need I say more. I love this path that you are on. You are growing and just wait for the bloom will be breath taking." ~ Tricia Andreassen


"Awesome work Tricia Andreassen! Keep shining the light within." - Helena G.


"Yes, own your value. Be you and live in the truth of the intention your life is and set forth to be. You have much work and lives to help my friend. Space needs to clear for new beautiful opportunities to align with it. Shift! It's a beautiful thing and a gift so no more time is wasted." ~Tricia Andreassen


"To me, life is a constant up and down challenge and how we meet those challenges is how much of a success or failure we are. Life is never the same because it is always changing. In one period of your life you may find success in certain areas and in another period of your life something else may take the priority but you can still be happy and successful. Happy with where God has taken me at this period in life. Let your anchor be steadfast on your journey of life and you will be amazed how God uses you now and in the future. Love you. God bless you." ~ Eileen H.


"I have been contemplating walking away from ministry because of some situations Tina and I are having to deal with. Your comments about taking the high road are true, but you can only take so much. Thank you! I needed to hear it." ~ Chris B.

"Chris, be resilient. GOD HAS GREAT PLANS FOR YOU. Please do me a favor, for me. Get John Maxwell book..Failing forward. He is man of God. This book has helped me so so much. It is audio or in book form. Sending love to you both and prayers that God will see you through. John shared with us leaders: never leave something...go to something. Pray. Seek his guidance. Find quiet so he can speak to you with intuition and the feelings of your heart. When you quiet your mind and the influences of others his voice will come through. PM me if you want to chat. I am here for you both. You have a calling. Remember how Jesus was tested. Don't give up. Lean in and seek what God wants for you...not what others are trying to get to do!!!" ~Tricia Andreassen


"When we are stepping into the life we are meant to live all of the "recognition awards" need to be let go if so that our REAL "Recognition" can step forward!! Thank you Tricia!" ~ Coni M.


"I love that you pray for your clients - you've inspired me to remember to do the same!" ~Shannon B.


"I will Go forth! It start with one and ends with many.Thank you!" ~ Hilda H.


"Thank YOU Tricia for sharing your talent with all the world to see and appreciate! xoxo" - Melissa W.


"SOOOOOOOO enjoyed our call this morning. You are amazing!!"' ~ Mellisa R.

John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer Tricia Andreassen is dedicated to giving hope, inspiration and transformation life strategies to those who desire to be better; to live better and to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Join Tricia today in her passion and live your life with Intentional Action Steps that will give you the joy you have always wanted.

Live with intention. Live with love. Live with a giving heart and all will come back to you multiplied. ~ Tricia Andreassen

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