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The Way Back To You With Tricia Andreassen

This retreat is focused on bringing women together that want to find parts of themselves that they feel they have lost along the way as they navigate being working moms, wives, caregivers, and friends. In the muddle of life messes we can often lose our own voice and question ourselves about what our life purpose is.

Using mixed media art techniques taught by Tricia Andreassen this weekend will be focused on:

* Unlocking the Parts Of You To Hear The Holy Spirit
* Hear The Voice Inside God Wants You To Hear
* Finding Your Story and Re-Writing It To Be Victorious
* Steps To Unlock Your Voice and Find It Again
* Begin Again - No Matter Where Your Are Or What You've Been Through

If you want your dreams reignited, hope filled in your heart, or to unlock a level of purpose and happiness, this is the weekend for you. 


Unlock the power of storytelling and discover the key to connecting with others on a deeper level. Dive into the world of narratives and understand why stories matter more than you think. Join us on a journey to awaken your imagination and tap into the incredible potential of human communication. Embrace the beauty of storytelling and unlock a whole new realm of possibilities. Your story is waiting to be told - are you ready to unleash its power?