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Want to be An Author?

Do you have a story inside you that needs to be heard? That you know, needs to be shared?

Tricia will share insights on:

  • How To Discover Your Voice
  • Why A Book Can Open Doors In Building A Business
  • When It Is The "Right Time" To Get Started
  • How To Become A Best Selling Author
  • Who To Collaborate With To Pull It All Together
  • What Needs To Happen To Move From Dream To Reality
  • How To Make 2017 THE YEAR - You To Become It, Live it, Be It!
  • Make a Successful Income From What You Are MEANT TO SHARE

Let Tricia and her publishing company help you develop:

  • An ebook
  • CoAuthoring
  • Being On The Best Seller List
  • A published book
  • A Keynote
  • A Workshop
  • A Retreat
  • A Curriculum Based Mastermind Program
  • OR the WHOLE plan that pulls it all together into a bundle of Intellectual property that evangelizes your message to the target audience that needs to hear it.
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Tricia Andreassen is a leading inspirational business branding, dream builder coach speaker, and author for women who battle auto-immune diseases, and chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. She is the founder of and the founder of which integrates art, journaling, creativity, and crafting into finding the way back to yourself to find your passion; live it every single day while overcoming pain.


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